FRANCES-ANNE SOLOMON ||| Filmmaker | Writer | Producer | A Winter Tale
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…The bullet that shattered a community.

Director: Frances-Anne Solomon
Canada | 2008 | Drama | 103 mins | English | 14A

Starring: Peter Williams, Leonie Forbes, Michael Miller, Dennis “Sprangalang” Hall

Written by Frances-Anne Solomon & Michele Lonsdale Smith
Produced by Frances-Anne Solomon & Susan Fueg
Full Cast/Crew: Imdb

Media Kit:               One-Pager: AWTdownload

Brief Synopsis

In Frances-Anne Solomon’s elegaic A Winter Tale, six Black men, all patrons at Miss G’s Caribbean TakeAway Restaurant, form an ill-fated support group in an attempt to salvage their broken spirits and beseiged community, following the local shooting death of a young child.

A Winter Tale is set against the backdrop of a multicultural community’s unrealized hopes and dreams. Bitter and tragic, funny and hopeful, the film tells a uniquely Canadian story that features Toronto as a central character.

The film features a talented ensemble cast led by Canadian stars Peter Williams and Michael Miller with Caribbean icons Leonie Forbes and Dennis “Sprangalang” Hall, who developed the script through a 3-year collaborative process of research and improvisation in the community.

The climax and resolution of the film leave you spent, unsure of what to feel next other than anxious, a little “mad”, and exposed at the same time.

Accolades & Awards

“Paul Robeson Diaspora Award” (Special Mention) – Fespaco Film Festival
“Best Foreign Film Award” – San Diego Black Film Festival
“Remi Award for Best Editing” – Worldfest Houston International Film Festival
“Best Editor” – Zuma Film Festival, Nigeria
“Best Cinematographer” – Zuma Film Festival, Nigeria
“Ousmane Sembene Award for Best Foreign Film” – Zuma Film Festival, Nigeria
“Best Film” – Festival of Black International Cinema Berlin
“Award of Excellence” (lead actor Leonie Forbes) – ReelWorld Film Festival
“Tonya Lee Williams Award for Outstanding Canadian Feature” – ReelWorld Film Festival
“Outstanding Screenplay” (Special Mention) – ReelWorld Film Festival
“Audience Award for Best Feature Film” – Trinidad & Tobago Film Fest

*Both actors, Leonie Forbes and Peter Williams were honoured by the Jamaican Consulate, New York, and the City of New York for their roles in the film.

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Clip #1 – A Winter Tale

Clip #2 – A Winter Tale

Clip #3 – A Winter Tale