FRANCES-ANNE SOLOMON ||| Filmmaker | Writer | Producer | Break Out
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You are not ready for what is out there, child.

Director: Frances-Anne Solomon
Canada and Trinidad & Tobago |2015 | Short |   mins | English
Developed with assistance from the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company.

Starring: Eugenia Lemo, Muhammad Muwakil, Rhoma Spencer

Written by Oonya Kempadoo & Frances-Anne Solomon
*Based on the four-year research of Oonya’s in Trinidad  & Tobago.
Produced by Lisa Wickham
Full Cast/Crew:  IMDB

Media kit:         One-pager:



Brief Synopsis

14-year-old Varia and her side-kick Audrey (who they call “Mice”) break out of a girl’s home in Belmont, and set off on a road trip to find their friend Pinkie in a village with a pretty name, Rampanalgas, on the North Coast.

Along the way, the boisterous vulnerable pair encounter life-changing adventures and mishaps, that challenge their perceptions and resources.

Break Out is a road movie that explores the stunning diversity and physical beauty, urban and rural, of Trinidad and Tobago, and the equally harsh and devastating inner terrain of its young characters’ lives.



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