FRANCES-ANNE SOLOMON ||| Filmmaker | Writer | Producer | Cop Killers
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Where can you go after this?

Director: Frances-Anne Solomon
Canada |2016 | Feature |   mins | English
Developed with assistance from Telefilm Canada.

Starring: Valerie Buhagiar, Gail Maurice, Leoni Forbes

Written by Leoni Forbes & Frances-Anne Solomon
*Based on a true story.
Produced by Frances-Anne Solomon
Full Cast/Crew:  IMDB


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Telefilm Canada is backing the development of Cop Killers, the latest feature from Leda Serene Films and Frances-Anne Solomon (Lord Have Mercy!). Valerie Buhagiar (Three and a Half) and Gail Maurice are set to star as Rose Cece and Mary Taylor, two homeless women who made headlines when they killed a Toronto police officer in 1998.

The three are writing a fictional story about the events leading up to the murder. Leoni Forbes also writes and stars as a social worker.


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