FRANCES-ANNE SOLOMON ||| Filmmaker | Writer | Producer | Heart Beat
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“We all have a heart, which is a drum, beating the rhythm of life.”

– Master Drummer Muhtadi

Director: various, Lana Lovell, Safiya Randera, Paul Nguyen, Justin Lovell, Alberto Suarez, Mars Horodyski
Canada |2007-2008 | Documentary | Series 13 episodes |30 mins per episode | English
*In association with Bravo! and Gayelle the Channel.

Featured performers include: Muhtadi, Kobo Town, Nick “Brownman” Ali, Alex Cuba, The Sattelites, Saidah Baba Talibah, Tara Woods, Mojah, Ian Jones, Sara Renelik, Tanya Mullings, Kellylee Evans, Shakura S’Aida.

Created by Frances-Anne Solomon
Produced by CaribbeanTales & Leda Serene Films
Full Cast/Crew: IMDB


Media Kit:                 One-Pager: HBdownload



Brief Synopsis

Heart Beat is a unique 13-episode documentary series, which showcases Canadian-Caribbean musicians and explores the hearts, minds and worlds of some of Canada’s most dynamic musical creators.

Live footage and dynamic performances will enthuse viewers, as 13 celebrated musicians share their cultural heritage and experiences.

For more on the series and its distribution please visit, HeartBeat – CT Worldwide Distribution.

Accolades & Awards


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