FRANCES-ANNE SOLOMON ||| Filmmaker | Writer | Producer | I Is A Long Memoried Woman
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”A passionate and powerful tribute. Captures the beauty, pride and sophisticated codes of survival of Black women.”

Spare Rib


A Videotape by Frances-Anne Solomon
UK |  1990  |  56 minutes | Imdb

Produced by Ingrid Lewis | With Leonie Forbes, Adjoa Andoh, Djanet Sears
Choreography by Greta Mendez | Music by Dominique Legendre.

Leonie Forbes

This extraordinary video chronicles the history of slavery through the eyes of Caribbean women. A striking combination of monologue, dance, and song—griot-style—conveys a young African woman’s quest for survival in the new world.


Based on award-winning poems by Guyanese British writer Grace Nichols, the evocatively rendered story charts abusive conditions on sugar plantations, acts of defiance and the rebellion which led to eventual freedom.
I IS A LONG-MEMORIED WOMAN illuminates Black diasporic culture and heritage.



“**** Powerful and moving.”
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