Canada | 11 February 2003 | Comedy

Synopsis: Lord Have Mercy! features up-and-coming Canadian actor Arnold Pinnock as Youth Pastor Dwight Gooding. An ambitious but socially inept young minister who plans to make big changes at Mt. Zion, a church in the heart of Toronto’s Caribbean community. But he must compete with the charismatic and easy-going Pastor Cuthbert Stevens (played by popular Trinidadian comic Dennis “Sprangalang” Hall) for the loyalty and attention of the eccentric church crew.


Starring: Arnold Pinnock , Dennis “Sprangalang” Hall, Leonie Forbes Shawn Singleton, d’bi Young, Gary Farmer, Russell Peters, Louis Negin
Directed by: Frances-Anne Solomon
Written by: Frances-Anne Solomon, Vance Chapman, Ngozi Paul, Shernold Edwards
Produced by: Frances-Anne Solomon, Claire Prieto

Awards: Gemini Awards – Best Comedy Program or Series, Best Individual Performance in a Comedy Program or Series

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