UK | Aug 14th, 1997 | Comedy/Romance

Synopsis: This romantic comedy set in Liverpool in 1962, is about the Chinese community there and 19-year-old Peggy who lives above a family laundry business with her brother and his wife. It centers on Peggy played by Pamela Oei, her attempts to find a husband and also her coping with the changing times in the early 1960s

Starring: Jonathan Arun, Ifec Mah, Daphne Cheung, Alphonsia Emmanuel, Glen Goei, Burt Kwouk, Pamela Oei, Charles T.H. Ong, Adrian Pang, Vincenzo Pellegrino, Stuart Richma, Sukie Smith, Daniel York, Barbara Yu Ling
Directed by: Frances-Anne Solomon
Written by: Kevin Wong
Produced by: George Faber, Yvonne Isimeme Ibazebo, Colin Rogers, Poonam Sharma

Awards: RTS Television Award & BAFTA winner for best Costume Design by Joey Attawia.

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