Sixth Happiness

UK | 4 October 1997 | Drama

Synopsis: Sixth Happiness is about Brit, a boy born with brittle bones who never grows taller than four feet, and his sexual awakening as family life crumbles around him. It is also about the Parsi or Parsees – descendants of the Persian empire who were driven out of Persia by an Islamic invasion more than a thousand years ago and settled in western India. Parsees had a close relationship with the British during the years of the Raj. Brit is named by his mother, both after his brittle bones, and in tribute to his mother’s love of Britain.

Starring: Firdaus Kanga,Souad Faress, Khodus Wadia, Nina Wadia , Ahsen Bhatti, Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal, Nisha K. Nayar, Indira Varma, Pratima Kazmi
Directed by: Warris Hussein
Written by: Firdaus Kanga
Produced by: Tatiana Kennedy